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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1390061: bash-completion tilde expansion every time Medium Confirmed 21 weeks

From: Ove Risberg
Link: bash_completion.patch


Bug #1381049: scp bash completion fails when remote computer uses busybox Undecided New 24 weeks

From: JonHurst
Link: ssh.patch


Bug #1008380: mutt -f =FOO<tab> and mutt -f +FOO<tab> are broken Undecided New 46 weeks
Bug #1083121: Incomplete support for ssh-add and pkcs#11 Low New 122 weeks

From: Lachezar Dobrev
Link: ssh-add.patch

Revised patch

Bug #1061114: Completion suggests rsync --copy-devices is available Undecided Confirmed 130 weeks

From: Otus
Link: 0001-Remove-unsupported-rsync-copy-devices.patch


Bug #139674: bash completion doesn't perform filename processing for ssh -i Low Triaged 174 weeks

From: Daniel Black
Link: ssh-i-bashcompletion.patch

patch to ssh bash completion

Bug #663111: errors with set -o nounset Undecided Confirmed 230 weeks

From: Ian! D. Allen
Link: patch.txt

patch for /etc/bash_completion to fix undefined variables and failed GLOB

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