Comment 5 for bug 678116

What David is referring to is the selected color.
Attaching a comparison with a GNOME app,[RB just happened to be the one I could
find with 3panes]

Notice that all the three panes appear with the same 'active orange' color,
irrespective of where the cursor is pressed.

This is because Banshee uses only bg[SELECTED] for the color in all three panes
and only text[SELECTED] in the browser view.

Oddly, Banshee uses the text[ACTIVE] color in the source view alone. Hence we
can notice that once the selection is in the other two panes, the font color
changes to black.

Usually themes define :
    bg[SELECTED] = "#foo"
    bg[ACTIVE] = "#foo"

    text[SELECTED] = "#foo"
    text[ACTIVE] = "#foo"

Most of the GNOME apps use this to differentiate the selected/active colors.