Comment 3 for bug 1680104

Ɓukasz Zemczak (sil2100) wrote :

13:34 < sil2100> Trevinho: if you're busy currently would you be fine for me
                 working-around it and then leaving it for you to fix it
                 properly in the nearest future?
13:34 < sil2100> I want to clear as much as possible from the FTBFS list before
                 release of zesty
13:47 < Trevinho> sil2100: let me check a sec
13:48 < Trevinho> sil2100: oh, never mind... yeah, please do that... As we
                  don't really care much at this point of deprecated.
13:48 < Trevinho> sil2100: even in unity we've that, so it's fine... As they
                  won't last longer anyway.