Comment 92 for bug 1532226

Multibrelch (mulbrelch) wrote :

Further comments:

1. The 'phenomena' described in msg #91 are the same after a second boot.

2. Three new observations
a) Right after the boot, I started a terminal (no start of firefox). Apart from 'calculator' it is a program that shows its menu without starting firefox. HOWEVER, independently on firefox, the first menu expands upon mouse-over+click, but not the 6 menu entries - they do not expand.
b) After having started firefox, I start seeing the menu of totem (remember, totem does not show a menu before). None of the menu entries expands, however.
c) After having started firefox and then gedit, the menu of gedit is NOT visible. So, one needs to start a program first and then firefox to see the program's menu.

All this is strange ... boh ... :-)

I hope I could help ...