Comment 58 for bug 1532226

It looks fixed for me too after some updates.

2016-04-15 16:28 GMT+03:00 XA Hydra <email address hidden>:
> A sizable amount of updates dropped this morning... And so far, so good.
> I've not seen the problem surface today after running just about every
> program I have installed ( including LibreOffice ) . I will report if it
> does occur again.
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> Title:
> No menu bar in gtk apps on fresh boot
> Status in unity package in Ubuntu:
> Confirmed
> Bug description:
> Seen here in fresh 16.04 install using 01/07/16 image.
> Around 35% of fresh boots or restarts results in no menus in unity panel for most apps, notable exceptions are firefox & thunderbird
> A log out/in restores functionality.
> When this occurs there is nothing in any of the ~/.cache/upstart logs of obvious note
> Test case:
> fresh install, no changes
> Do a number of restarts from system settings, using either restart > restart or shutdown > restart, here randomly picked one or the other
> What happens here:
> around 35% of the time the login has no menus in the unity panel for most apps.
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