Comment 53 for bug 1532226

Doug McMahon (mc3man) wrote :

A bit of recap based on 3 months of checking this -
Never occurs on a boot to live session
On a short-lived vm never occurred
If that's UPS in the greeter then menus are never missing
Over a period of time thru the normal use of an install occurrences of booting to no menus becomes less, in some cases it seems to disappear altogether over time. (An install I have from Feb 6 almost never boots to no menus
New installs almost always suffer this, here a new unmodified, not configured from default install is almost 100% no menus
Some changes in either .config or .local seem to either bring back the menus on reboot if they were missing or cause them to go missing on reboot if they were there.
Setting the initctl command as a user startup during login always results in menus

As far as the restart/shutdown deal - Here both options are always present in all 16.04 installs & have been for months
By comparison in 14.04 both options are always there right at login, after 6 - 10 secs the restart option will disappear, if one opens the menu right after login & leaves exposed it can clearly be seen