Comment 36 for bug 1532226

A bit of a red herring I think (meaning the orig pastebin, which I gather is what was previously commented out in /usr/share/..

One of the workarounds over the winter for those where the menus didn't show most or all of the time was to delete some folders in either .local or .config. This would generally have the effect of returning menus & having that happen for a while or at least more often or not.
So it may be that inserting that conf file was about the same. At some point the missing menus will return and that's just what is seen here. Over maybe 10 restarts or shutdown > restart the menus are again not showing most of the time.
(this is a new install from Tues., my older install on a different laptop gets menus at least 95% of the time but I think only the behavior on new(er) installs is relevant here.

So far the only 100% 'method' to get menus is to restart the service during the user login.