Comment 149 for bug 1532226

Nigel Winterbottom (8-nigel) wrote :

Here's an update to comment #146:

Having suggested enabling the "login automatically" feature I went back to actually try it. A-Ha it never failed; and then again; now; logging in ASAP after boot never failed either. Obviously I'd made a change along the line that had "fixed" my system.

After digging around the logs and finding nothing; it turned out to be AUDIO. I had plugged in my speakers. Now 16.04 looks for ACTIVE audio sinks and has no default audio output if none can be found.

I think it may be the "Ubuntu Drums" playing at the login screen that cause a problem if no audio sink is available.

With speakers attached, my system always presents menus; however I login. When "login automatically" is enabled, no "Drums" are played and my system always works with or without speakers attached.

[What an excellent bug this is turning out to be]