Comment 135 for bug 1532226

I have two computers running Ubuntu 16.04. One is an upgrade, the other is a clean install. On the clean install the menus do not show up on any of my windows every time I reboot my machine, even with the option checked in Settings:Appearance:Behavior:Show the menus for a window

However, I have found a temporary workaround for this, but I had to put it in my Startup Applications. I created a new startup program with the following parameters:
Name: Reload Unity
Command: unity
Comment: Unity has windowing menu problems so it needs to be reloaded after bootup

Now when I reboot, I have all my window menus.

It's either the Startup Application or run terminal every time I reboot to restart unity. On my other machine, the one that I upgraded 14.04 to 16.04, it happens so rarely I just added a custom launcher to Cairo-Dock that would reload unity.