Comment 101 for bug 1532226

Sadi Yumu┼čak (sa-yu) wrote :

I had this problem after upgrading from 15.10 to 16.04 several days ago with only GTK3 apps, excluding those started with root priviledges as well as other apps like Chrome, Thunderbird, VLC, etc.

As I've started reading this bug report, here's an account of what happened (with a happy end ;-)

1. The command "initctl restart unity-panel-service" restored the missing menu bar
2. The "~/.config/unity-panel-service.conf" file with the command "start on started unity7" had no effect on the missing menu bar, but made the whole system menu (from keyboard indicator to the right) vanish as well.
3. The command "initctl restart unity-panel-service" restored both missing items
4. The "~/.config/unity-panel-service.conf" file with the "start on starting unity7" restored the original state.
5. Deleting the last .conf file had no effect.
6. After trying both versions of "~/.config/unity-panel-service.conf" a couple of times, things were getting a bit confusing...
7. I then went to the next step of adding the repository "ppa:3v1n0/xenial-missing-menus-tests" to install the "indicator-appmenu".
8. And finally I followed your advice to replace the contents of "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/bamf/bamfdaemon-dbus-runner" with ""

Voila! It seems my problem seems to have disappeared now, hopefully, although I've just tested it with a couple of reboots (so I keep my fingers crossed).

Attached is my "~/.cache/unity-panel-service.log" just in case it might be of some use.

Thanks a lot!