Comment 15 for bug 497732

Just installed 10.04 LTS on a new box and had the exact same problem. The following seems to fix this error.

In the file located in /etc/backuppc change the tarClientCmd from

$Conf{TarClientCmd} = '/usr/bin/env LC_ALL=C $tarPath -c -v -f - -C $shareName'
                        . ' --totals';


$Conf{TarClientCmd} = '/usr/bin/sudo $tarPath -c -v -f - -C $shareName --totals';

in the sudoers file located in /etc add the following

backuppc ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/tar

I am assuming you are still using the default user "backuppc" and this will allow backuppc to run sudo in the /bin/tar directory without a password.

Seemed to work ok for me.