Activity log for bug #367305

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2009-04-26 12:33:18 dberry bug added bug
2009-04-26 12:33:18 dberry attachment added main.log
2009-04-28 17:23:17 komputes ubuntu: status New Confirmed
2009-04-28 17:24:36 komputes summary Juanty upgrade 9.04 error did not continue, needs clean up(?) b43-fwcutter Juanty Upgrade fails on b43-fwcutter error exit status 1 due to loss of network connection
2009-10-07 23:30:44 Luke Faraone affects ubuntu b43-fwcutter (Ubuntu)
2009-10-07 23:30:54 Luke Faraone b43-fwcutter (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Medium
2014-10-31 04:10:19 Christopher M. Penalver b43-fwcutter (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Invalid