Crash when opening AVCHD file

Bug #368769 reported by Daniël van Eeden
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avidemux (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: avidemux

When opening a .MTS (AVCHD) file which came from a Sony HandyCam HDR-TG3

Avidemux 1:2.4.4-0.0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 9.04 x86_64

$ avidemux
  Avidemux v2.4.4
 Code : Mean, JSC, Gruntster
 GFX : Nestor Di , <email address hidden>
 Design : Jakub Misak
 FreeBSD : Anish Mistry, <email address hidden>
 Audio : Mihail Zenkov
 MacOsX : Kuisathaverat
 Win32 : Gruntster

Compiler: GCC 4.3.3
Build Target: Linux (x86-64)
User Interface: GTK+ (2.16.1)

Large file available: 1 offset

Initialising prefs
Directory /home/dveeden/.avidemux exists.Good.
Using /home/dveeden/.avidemux as base directory for prefs/jobs/...
[cpuCaps]Checking CPU capabilities
  MMX detected
  3DNOW detected
  MMXEXT detected
  SSE detected
  SSE2 detected
  SSE3 detected
[cpuCaps]End of CPU capabilities check (cpuMask :ffffffff)

 Registering Encoders
MJPEG encoder registered
Xvid-4 encoder registered
FFmpeg encoder registered

3 encoder(s) registered

[SDL] Version: 1.2.13
[SDL] Initialisation succeeded
[SDL] Video Driver: x11

[Locale] setlocale en_US.UTF-8
[Locale] Textdomain was messages
[Locale] Textdomain is now avidemux
[Locale] Files for avidemux appear to be in /usr/share/locale
[Locale] Test: _File

Initializing Dithering tables
[xvid] Initializing global Xvid 4
[xvid] Build: xvid-1.1.2
[xvid] SIMD supported: (cf)
Found 20 video encoder
Found 9 audio encoder
Found 13 Format
Directory /home/dveeden/.avidemux/custom exists.Good.
No custom script
Found 0 custom scripts, adding them
Menu built
The screen seems to be 1280 x 1024 px
/dev/input/event0: Permission denied
/dev/input/event1: Permission denied
Not interested in /dev/input/event2: Macintosh mouse button emulation (bus 0017 vendor 0001 product 0001 version 0100)
Not interested in /dev/input/event3: PS/2+USB Mouse (bus 0003 vendor 1267 product 0213 version 0111)
/dev/input/event4: Permission denied
/dev/input/event5: Permission denied
/dev/input/event6: Permission denied
No physical Jog/Shuttle device found.
Initializing postproc
Deleting post proc
updating post proc
Enabled type:3 strength:3

 Registering Filters

Using real audio device
Spidermonkey initialized.
No crash file (/home/dveeden/.avidemux/crash.js)

 Canonizing null string ??? (/home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/)
20794d01 -> 20794d01
Probing : /home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS
There was several files, but dont append was forced

Simple loading:
 file: /home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS, size: 3735552
 found 1 files
Detected as TS2 file
Probe says it is mpeg
594d4441 -> 594d4441

 New mpeg index file detected..

  opening d2v file : /home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS.idx
For file :/home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS
Pic :32x768, 1674909937 fps
#Gop :11
#Img :286
Ts: Using 1011 as pid for track 0
Creating mpeg TS demuxer main Pid: 1011 , pes id :0, packet size=192
There was several files, but dont append was forced

Simple loading:
 file: /home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS, size: 3735552
 found 1 files
Dropping 0 last B/P frames
 Creating start sequence (772)..
Mmm cound not find a gop start.....
Reordering mpeg frames
Renumbered Gop 1 /11

  opening dmx file for audio track : /home/dveeden/Desktop/SONY_VIDEO/00062.MTS.idx
Saving crash file to /home/dveeden/.avidemux/crash.js

 **Saving script project **

*********** BACKTRACK **************
Frame 0: avidemux(ADM_backTrack+0x5a) [0x5d817a]
Frame 1: avidemux(_ZN14dmxAudioStream4openEPKc+0x431) [0x5a7051]
Frame 2: avidemux(_ZN9dmxHeader4openEPKc+0x9c4) [0x5a5d74]
Frame 3: avidemux(_ZN12ADM_Composer7addFileEPKch8fileType+0x277) [0x4c8ec7]
Frame 4: avidemux(_ZN12ADM_Composer7addFileEPKch8fileType+0x224) [0x4c8e74]
Frame 5: avidemux(_Z10A_openAvi2PKch+0xd9) [0x4af9a9]
Frame 6: avidemux(_Z13fileReadWritePFvPKcEiS0_+0x73) [0x5d9093]
Frame 7: avidemux [0xa87d50]
Frame 8: avidemux(_Z12HandleAction6Action+0x14a6) [0x4b2136]
Frame 9: avidemux(_Z11guiCallbackP12_GtkMenuItemPv+0x37) [0xa7a957]
Frame 10: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b6827d]
Frame 11: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7de3b]
Frame 12: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7f432]
Frame 13: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7f74c]
Frame 14: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b6827d]
Frame 15: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7de3b]
Frame 16: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7f432]
Frame 17: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b7f953]
Frame 18: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b87937dd]
Frame 19: /usr/lib/ [0x7f01b7b6827d]
*********** BACKTRACK **************
Memory stat:

Images stat:
Max memory consumed (MB) : 0
Current memory consumed (MB) : 0
Max image used : 0
Cur image used : 0
Cleaning up
Deleting post proc
Waiting for Spidermonkey to finish...
Cleaning up Spidermonkey.
[SDL] Quitting...
End of cleanup

Images stat:
Max memory consumed (MB) : 0
Current memory consumed (MB) : 0
Max image used : 0
Cur image used : 0
Global mem stat
 Memory consumed: 2 (MB)


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Alessio Treglia (quadrispro) wrote :

Fixed in the latest release available for Karmic.

Changed in avidemux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
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Eric Buist (buisteric) wrote :

Sorry, but I don't care at all about very very long screen dumps with useless information. All I want is a working tool. Is it possible to have Avidemux work, not crash on every encoding task, in Ubuntu 9.04? Karmick has NOTHING related to Ubuntu, so this has no impact for me that this Avidemux bug is fixed in Karmic.

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