Comment 59 for bug 264019

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 11:00:46AM -0000, John Lee wrote:
> It's mentioned in the release notes as if it is a minor issue- there
> must e a lot of ubuntu users using oldish home routers - this is going
> to cause new ibexers a lot of problems, especially if they don't read
> the release notes carefully so I really think that the default should
> be with timestamps off until the kernel fix is found. It also should
> certainly be mentioned in the technical overview 'issues' so people are
> more likly to see it.

The kernel fix is known upstream; implementing it requires kernel uploads
and installer rebuilds, which it's just not possible to fit in between the
release candidate and the release. We will certainly want to include this
fix in a kernel update as soon as possible after the release, but this is
unfortunately in a class of bugs that we can't fix the week of release (even
turning timestamps off requires a kernel upload, unless we want to
permanently disable tcp timestamp support for Ubuntu 8.10).

FWIW, we don't consider any of the issues docuented in the release notes to
be "minor"; the release notes are the authoritative place to find
information about the /major/ issues affecting a release. The technical
overview is, in fact, much lower profile than the release notes at release

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