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Bug #1680224: auto.smb fails on Windows administrative shares Medium Triaged 105 weeks

From: Ian Kent
Link: autofs-5.1.2-use-malloc-for-expanded-map-location.patch

Patch - use malloc for expanded map location

Bug #1322682: -D variables not honored Medium Confirmed 220 weeks

From: Paul Kilgo
Link: no-symbolic-functions.patch

patch implementing Landon's suggestion inside of debian/rules

Bug #1101779: autofs "lookup_mount: exports lookup" fails on IPv6-only hosts Medium Confirmed 221 weeks

From: Jimmy Hedman
Link: auto.diff


Bug #573919: NIS-based autofs maps don't load on startup Medium In Progress 468 weeks

From: David Greaves
Link: statd.fix

Teach statd about autofs

Bug #318495: Patches for documentation Wishlist Confirmed 536 weeks

From: Graeme Hewson
Link: autofs.patch.bz2


Bug #226219: automount doesn't work with NFS root Undecided Confirmed 554 weeks

From: Matteo Croce
Link: autofs.diff


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