Comment 2 for bug 573919

here are more information about this issue :

The hardware I used for this test and I witnessed this problem with : SAMSUNG N150 Laptop

What I wanted to do :
I have Installed Ubuntu with the 10.04 BETA1, then I did daily updates.
Today I decided to install autofs (cause I forgot to do it), I use to do it for my NAS access with previous Ubuntu version.

To do this I did :
sudo apt-get install autofs

then I changed the /etc/auto.master and I created the /etc/auto.nfs (these two files are attached to this comment)

In the /net directory nothing is present, so it's impossible to access to the NAS
I tried to find something on the Ubuntu community forum, many guys have the same problem but I don't really found any solution or workaround.

After a check on Launchpad I didn't find relative topic, so here we are.

Don't hesitate to ask me any information, it will be a pleasure for me to help as I can ...