Comment 12 for bug 573919

I can't also use autofs5 to automount server's home directory for my users.
The workaround to get it work was to remove autofs5 autofs-ldap autofs5-ldap, then download karmic version of autofs and autofs-ldap

dpkg -i for both files, reboot and all is working again, without any problem's.
I think it was a bad idea remove autofs4 from lucid without have autofs5 well tested.

For those who can't get autofs start automatically, please do the following:
create a file named "autofs" with the following content:

[ "$IFACE" != "lo" ] || exit 0
/etc/init.d/autofs reload

and copy it to:
/etc/network/if-down.d and /etc/network/if-up.d

I'm sure all will work fine.
At least to me it works.