Comment 15 for bug 159671

gilzad (gilli4) wrote :

On Ubuntu Studio 9.04 (32Bit) on an Intel 2x2GHz machine I'm having similar problems (lots of xruns, audacity not coming up), if I start jackd in realtime mode. (As a side note: pulseaudio with module-jack also can't use jack, if jackd is started with the "--realtime" parameter.)

If I start jack like this...

jackd -Z -P89 -dalsa -n4
(nozombies, priority:89, periods:4)

..then Audacity will start and successfully playback through jack.
My parameters don't mean much to this issue here, except that I'm using "-P89" instead of "--realtime".

Another program that I use (Renoise) can connect and playback through jack, even if jackd is started with "--realtime".