Comment 2 for bug 1699617

Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote :

Thanks for reporting.

The piqsl binary is indeed missing from this package. I took a look at the changelog [1] and found that this had been intentionally removed in 1.8.2-2:
Remove from Build-Deps libqt4-dev and libqt4-opengl-dev. The 'moc'
    preprocessor of Qt 4 cannot cope with syntax of the latest Boost 1.58
    now in unstable, and the upstream project does not contain any fix for
    this or support Qt5 yet. This disables the binaries 'eqsl', 'pisql'
    and 'ptview'.

I also found that the Debian maintainer had tried to reintroduce these binaries recently [2], see particularly [3] and [4], but it still didn't work.