Comment 2 for bug 441059

Rolf Leggewie (r0lf) wrote :

actually, it's worse, aptitude actively creates problems :-(

I have acroread pinned to a self-compiled package that depends on acroread-debian-files. The official package from the partner repository conflicts with acroread-debian-files. All dependencies are resolved and there are no conflicts. But at startup aptitude somehow seems to decide that acroread-debian-files needs to be removed (I assume this is before pinning kicks in) and the package is actually marked as such.

My guess at what's happening is this

1) aptitude is started with all dependencies resolved, no packages to update
2) aptitude sees a newer package for acroread and marks it as a candidate
3) aptitude realizes that acroread-debian-files needs to be removed for 2) and marks the a-d-f package accordingly
4) 2) is rejected due to pinning
5) result: broken state, because the older acroread package needs a-d-f but it's marked for removal