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Bug #691050: Daily cron job doesn't report failures Medium Confirmed 51 weeks
Bug #1824088: unattended upgrade ran one day after schedule Low Triaged 166 weeks
Bug #1710911: apt-ftparchive does not correctly cache filesizes for packages > 4GB Undecided New 303 weeks
Bug #1512219: apt appears to be confused when installing a backport that version depends on other backports High Triaged 396 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: apt diff

Bug #1178943: /etc/cron.daily/apt is holding memory while "sleep" Undecided Confirmed 525 weeks
Bug #606491: start: Job is already running: anacron Undecided Confirmed 537 weeks
Bug #1005597: apt-key net-update timeout = 12 hours Undecided New 576 weeks
Bug #799432: Source package can't be found if already previous found Low Triaged 588 weeks
Bug #800910: Kernel Upgrade forces removal of grub-efi due to missing recommends entry Undecided Confirmed 624 weeks
Bug #663864: apt-get upgrade prints incomplete repo's Wishlist In Progress 634 weeks
Bug #14261: Shouldn't say "Need to get 0B" Wishlist Confirmed 724 weeks
Bug #226780: apt-key net-update does not obey APT::Acquire::http::Proxy Medium Triaged 747 weeks
Bug #224460: apt-cache shows misleading dependency information Medium Triaged 776 weeks
Bug #98733: Interactive digest and basic authentication for apt-get Wishlist Confirmed 845 weeks
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