after upgrading to 12.04, unable to use any application

Bug #994778 reported by ludo33200 on 2012-05-04
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apt (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Just upgraded from 11.11 to 12.04
I'm using VirtualBox 4.1.14.r77440 + guest additions 4.1.14 on Windows/7
[x] 3D acceleration checked (not 2D)

Since i've upgraded, i no longer can launch nor use any application in Ubunto
Unity bar appears first at the left but when ever i choose to open an applicationn (say Mozilla for example), nothing *seems* to happend
In fact appears the window when i shoud type an tool name to launch (see capture1.png)
I'm not able to type any text there ...
If i want to type an aplication text, i have to push the Window Key on my keyboard ...
and ... may be the app opens but cannot be used
As you can see on capture1.png, firefox is openned but cannot be used.

Other problems arround:
- network connects and disconnects every 5 seconds (see capture1.png)
- install failed with colord (workaround found and applied in bug Bug #989921) but this doesn't seem to correct this bug

At this time, upgraded ubuntu CANNOT be used in any way (except recoveny console).

This makes me very hard to get more logs but ask me and i will try to get copy of theses files.

ludo33200 (ludo-cheron) wrote :
description: updated
affects: ubuntu → apt (Ubuntu)
Smarteralec (smarteralec) wrote :

Is it possible your system has booted into a read-only file-system mode? (I've already reported that bug, and Mozilla won't respond either, presumably since it can't write any session or cache files )
Is it consistent upon multiple reboots? (mine is only intermittent, usually it boots ok)
Are you able to open a terminal window via ctrl-alt-T? In a terminal, do you get error msgs about locked files or other access problems? (For example, running 'sudo apt-get update?
What do you get with
Have you run 'sudo apt-get install -f" ? (fix packages)
What file permissions on your home dir do see when you run 'ls -l /home' ?

ludo33200 (ludo-cheron) wrote :

My system hasn't booted in read-only file system because after having lauched thunderbird it downloade properly my mails..
However i could not read them (open thunderbird properly)

this problem occurs every boot bu what i've noticed this morning is that it occures when i chose Ubuntu 2D session.
This morning Ubuntu (e.g. 3D ?) session seems to work properly without any changer (except installed colord yesterday and shutdown)

Openning a terminal with ctrl-al-T has not been tested. But openning any application, alos terminal is possible via Unity BUT the application is not really avaible : hidden behind the inactive unity window (see previous screen capture)

This norming graphical update (since Ubuntu 3D works) gave no error

testing apt-get will be done later back to Ubuntu 2D

ludovic@QJLMS1-desktop-vm:/home$ ls -l /home
total 16
drwxr-x--- 24 clement clement 4096 mars 22 21:59 clement
drwxr-x--- 34 delphine cheron 4096 avril 13 19:45 delphine
drwxrwx--- 7 ludovic cheron 4096 janv. 17 20:53 gr_cheron
drwxr-x--- 101 ludovic cheron 4096 mai 5 09:24 ludovic

ludo33200 (ludo-cheron) wrote :

Back to Ubuntu 2D mode
1. It seems the problem has disapeared
- due to Ubuntu 3D lauch + graphical packges upgrades this morning

lauched sudo apt-get install -f

Lecture des listes de paquets...
Construction de l'arbre des dépendances...
Lecture des informations d'état...
Les paquets suivants ont été installés automatiquement et ne sont plus nécessai$
  libunity6 libglew1.5 libglewmx1.5 python-nautilus libdee-1.0-1
Veuillez utiliser « apt-get autoremove » pour les supprimer.
0 mis à jour, 0 nouvellement installés, 0 à enlever et 0 non mis à jour.

Sorry (i'm french)
It says some packages autmatically installed should be removed and are no longer required
 libunity6 libglew1.5 libglewmx1.5 python-nautilus libdee-1.0-1

Smarteralec (smarteralec) wrote :

> 1. It seems the problem has disapeared

Good to hear. :) Likewise my boot-to-readonly-filesystem problem; it lasted about 4-5 days and disappeared to.

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