Comment 13 for bug 1657440

Samuel Matzek (smatzek) wrote :

I setup a test environment to re-run the recreation script I attached above while using the fix from xenial-proposed.

What I found was that the fix helps but is not perfect.

While the UCA repo is in the hourly update time window, the apt-get update can still leave the user in the error case where you have the Release file but not the Release.gpg file. However, WITH this fix a subsequent apt-get update resolves the issue and will pull down the Release.gpg file. This is in contrast to WITHOUT the fix no amount of apt-get update calls would fix the issue until after the next hourly UCA update.

So my verdict is that this fix should go through as it allows automated tooling to simply do apt-get update retries and self-resolve the missing gpg issue.

Any further changes are probably required in the Ubuntu Cloud Archive itself to close the "partially updated" window that is part of the error case trigger.