Comment 15 for bug 1543899

Fenyvesi Attila (fattila2) wrote :

I installed version 0.49 from Debian. I had to purge version 0.47 (from Ubuntu) first. That way I could update the index. So the following steps worked for me: purge the Ubuntu package, then install the Debian version.

The answer of knarf on says:
"The xapian index is used for the search box in synaptic. If you can live without that functionality you can purge the apt-xapian-index package"

I found that I don't need the quick search function of synaptic provided by the apt-xapian-index package as much as I need the 145 MB of disk space that the index uses, so I removed the package.
The removal of the package affected only the quick search box. The search button is still there in synaptic and that is enough for me.

Thank you for your advice, QkiZ!