Comment 9 for bug 1066347

Para Siva (psivaa) wrote :

There is another way to reproduce this crash in precise and the crash occurs even with apt-clone 0.2.2ubuntu3.

1. Install precise (select 'Erase disk and install ubuntu' on the 'Installation type' screen)
2. Finish the installation, reboot and login
3. Do another installation on the same device with NO NETWORK (select 'Something else' on the 'Installation type' screen)
4. 'Change' the existing ext-4 partition to be the root partition of the new installation and leave the others (swap) untouched. Do not format the chaned partition.
5. Continue the installation entering the same username/password used for the previous installation
6. The crash can be observed at the end of the installation.

The syslog from the failed installation is attached.

(ubuntu-bug ubiquity fails to report a new bug, with the following error message: 'This is not an official ubuntu package. Please remove any third party package and try again)