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Bug #1440818: apport-bug does not anonymize udevdb log Undecided Incomplete 236 weeks

From: zebul666

Bug #1221503: completion with ubuntu-bug complains about missing Undecided In Progress 254 weeks

From: Peter Cordes
Link: apport-completion.pjc.patch

several fixes: don't break with aliased ls, major speed improvements, keep results small when completing an empty word, and handle spaces

Bug #1170487: TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes or a tuple of bytes, not str Medium In Progress 316 weeks

From: Serhiy Zahoriya
Link: 1170487.patch


Bug #340970: When apport complains package is outdated, it doesn't let you update Wishlist In Progress 444 weeks

From: Abhinav Upadhyay
Link: apport-bug-340970.diff

A possible patch for the problem

Bug #504340: ubuntu-bug can't report bugs on kernel threads Wishlist Fix Committed 451 weeks

From: Matt Zimmerman
Link: apport-kernel-threads.diff

patch to handle kernel thread PIDs

Bug #506885: Allow user to upload a crash file to a certain bug Low Triaged 509 weeks
Bug #359963: Apport retracing service is incorrectly interpreting installed version: None as being out of date Low Confirmed 548 weeks

From: Andreas Moog
Link: checkNONE.patch


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