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Bug #2038567: Disable restricting unprivileged change_profile by default, due to LXD latest/stable not yet compatible with this new apparmor feature Undecided Confirmed 21 weeks
Bug #2024637: apparmor.service tries to load snapd generated apparmor profiles but fails Undecided Confirmed 36 weeks
Bug #2012563: unsupported mount options: 'nofail', 'nostrictatime', 'lazytime', and 'nolazytime' Undecided Fix Committed 49 weeks
Bug #1692543: Regression tests cannot write to apparmor path_max module parameter in artful/4.11 Undecided New 349 weeks
Bug #1600524: modify dependencies to allow installing the apparmor package on ubuntuBSD Undecided New 399 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: apparmor.diff

Bug #1426316: Java applets won't run in Firefox with Apparmor profile activated Low Confirmed 467 weeks
Bug #1331856: apparmor-utils don't work when defining a variable on <tunables/home.d> Undecided Confirmed 488 weeks
Bug #914382: Support oxygen gtk theme in abstractions/gnome Wishlist Incomplete 634 weeks
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