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Bug #1692543: Regression tests cannot write to apparmor path_max module parameter in artful/4.11 Undecided New 35 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: fix-longpath-test.patch


Bug #1658236: php abstraction not updated for php7 Undecided Confirmed 57 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: php.diff


Bug #1600524: modify dependencies to allow installing the apparmor package on ubuntuBSD Undecided New 85 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: apparmor.diff


Bug #1512131: Apparmor complains about multiple /run/dovecot file access Low Confirmed 121 weeks

From: luca
Link: patch

Patch for local files

Bug #1426316: Java applets won't run in Firefox with Apparmor profile activated Low Confirmed 152 weeks

From: Franck
Link: browser-allow-java.diff

Add owner /run/user/*/icedteaplugin-*/* rw, to allow java plugins execution

Bug #1331856: apparmor-utils don't work when defining a variable on <tunables/home.d> Undecided New 174 weeks

From: Walter Mundt
Link: python-utils-var-append-in-include-support.patch

Proposed fix (may impact performance)

Bug #1101298: More resources must be added into Chromium profile Undecided New 266 weeks

From: Gökçen Eraslan
Link: apparmor.diff


Bug #914382: Support oxygen gtk theme in abstractions/gnome Wishlist Incomplete 320 weeks

From: Felix Geyer
Link: apparmor_oxygen_gtk.diff


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