Comment 8 for bug 1629203

sles (slesru) wrote :

No, it was far before..., SLES8 or 9, I reported bug in xfs filesystem to Novell which resulted in kernel crash, and to SGI, SGI fixed it :-),
I patched SUSE's kernel with SGI patch, compiled, and I informed Novell that bug is fixed...
Then, after several weeks, Novell updated kernel- and- surprise!- bug is here. Why?
they I claimed I did not waited for their binary kernel with fix to test, so fix was not included in newer kernels :-D
And only after I tested their binaries they included fix...
At least this is how I remember this - it was more then 10 years ago.
After that I decided that I have no reasons to use SLES , because it became too "enterprise" for me , i.e. too much useless efforts to use it in real life ;-)

>declare this bugreport as user error - you broke it

No, I didn't, not me shipped empty profile in mariadb-server package :-P

> It would also mean that aa-logprof must know where those variables are defined, and ask the user about including this file in the global area.

Well, when aa-logprof asks me about including some abstraction, it may know that this abstraction needs some includes, right? May be we need some dependency mechanism here? I.e. info in include which other includes it needs? Or, may be, just simple- if aa-logprof user decided to add standard include by aa-logprof advice, aa-logprof can also add tunables/global, if
>this will annoy people who for some reason don't want it
then aa-logrof may just warn about this, but, anyway including abstraction without tunables/global will result in broken profile...

Thank you!