Activity log for bug #1379536

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2014-10-09 21:39:17 Jamie Strandboge bug added bug
2014-10-09 21:48:52 Jamie Strandboge summary Coarse-grained keyring mediation Coarse-grained kernel keyring mediation
2014-10-09 21:48:59 Jamie Strandboge description Tracking bug to support coarse-grained keyring mediation. Tracking bug to support coarse-grained kernel keyring mediation.
2014-10-09 21:49:50 Jamie Strandboge apparmor (Ubuntu): importance High Critical
2014-10-10 21:04:54 Jamie Strandboge bug task added apparmor
2014-10-10 21:05:03 Jamie Strandboge apparmor: status New Triaged
2014-10-10 21:05:05 Jamie Strandboge apparmor: importance Undecided Critical
2014-10-10 21:05:13 Jamie Strandboge apparmor: assignee Tyler Hicks (tyhicks)
2014-10-10 21:05:16 Jamie Strandboge apparmor (Ubuntu): status Triaged Confirmed
2014-10-10 21:05:19 Jamie Strandboge apparmor (Ubuntu): assignee Tyler Hicks (tyhicks)
2014-10-23 17:41:53 Jamie Strandboge apparmor: status Triaged In Progress
2014-10-23 17:43:55 Jamie Strandboge bug task added linux (Ubuntu)
2014-10-23 17:44:04 Jamie Strandboge linux (Ubuntu): status New Triaged
2014-10-23 17:44:07 Jamie Strandboge apparmor (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Triaged
2014-10-23 17:44:10 Jamie Strandboge linux (Ubuntu): importance Undecided Critical
2014-10-23 17:44:19 Jamie Strandboge tags aa-feature aa-feature aa-kernel
2017-09-28 17:51:17 Joseph Salisbury linux (Ubuntu): status Triaged Incomplete
2017-09-28 17:51:47 Joseph Salisbury bug task deleted linux (Ubuntu)