Comment 9 for bug 1305108

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

"Does this wait until the upstart job is finished before continuing, or does this simply run it in parallel?"
As per mounted(7) manpage, this does block mountall and no further mounting events are performed until after the task is completed.

"Are we sure this will get completed before networking starts?"
No, as udev triggered upstart jobs brings up networking interfaces.

"Are we sure this will get completed before lightdm starts?"
Yes, as filesystem event is blocked.

"Does this get run after /sys is mounted?"
Yes, as /sys is not mounted by mountall. It is mounted in the initramfs and/or upstart (pid 1 itself) in the initramfsless mode before startup event is emitted.

"We are calling stuff in /usr, do we need to check for MOUNTPOINT="/usr" also?"
No, as the phones will not have /usr on a separate partition. We don't yet have solution for clicks on the converged / desktops. Those can have /usr on a separate partition, and it may even be a networked filesystem. However, aa-clickhook is executed from /usr on boot at the moment because that's first-time after flashing/system-image upgrade. On the desktop, we might not reboot after "apt-get dist-upgrade" nor go for reboot on "system-image upgrade". I would hope postinst & future desktop-upgrader executes aa-clickhook. Another option is to move aa-clickhook to /. At which point it shouldn't be written in python3.

"What about /var?"
I don't believe /var is required, is it?