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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Hi Jason,
I wanted to thank you for your participation.
But on the suggested change I have a few comments.

First of all if you install apache2 it will create /var/log/apache2 by debian/apache2.dirs in the packaging telling it to do so.
I see that if you run on tmpfs you'll loose that directory on e.g. reboots and then run into this issue.
But then it is kind of a special configuration that has to take care.

I like that "just" adding this single line would solve a very old apache bug so trivially.
But there are a few things to be considered.
First of all the dir is configurable in /etc/apache2/envvars and then reused.
 $ grep -Hrn APACHE_LOG_DIR /etc/

So the change to the service file (if not denied by some other implications systemd makes on it).
Maybe with

To be clear I like it, but I think you should address this upstream instead of in a deviation by Ubuntu.
But maybe you can give some live to the old bug if you would suggest that there (feel free to incooperate my suggestions)?