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Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

I took the kernel version that currently is in updates (2.6.32-28.55) and added the backport of the patch I was mentioning above. All the kernel packages are at:
There are packages for all kinds of installations, so don't worry you will only need to download 3. What you need is basically the linux-headers-*all* package and the a linux-headers and linux-image for your installed architecture and flavor (the latter you can find out with uname -r). The you do a "sudo dpkg -i <files>" with the three files and you have installed the test kernel (I test booted the amd64, generic one which does at least not explode in a heap for me).
After rebooting you should see the lp710319 in "uname -a" and then it would be interesting to hear whether that still gives the wrong apache stats.