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Andreas Olsson (andol) wrote :

@Martin: Actually, failed to reproduce using your recipe. Sounds like your last suspision might be right. Are you using NetworkManager? In system och session mode? I'm not. Will have to get back to you when I have a Jaunty system using NetworkManager, which I can reboot and test.

@Jonathan: Actually, I'm pretty sure the ::1 entry in /etc/hosts isn't something which was changed in Jaunty. It happens to differ based on if you used Ubiquity or the Debian Installer. Compare to bug #285132. At least I think so, not sure if I really have done any Ubiquity installs of Jaunty yet. I happen to

Except that I do agree about your analysis about it being related to ipv6 and lookups. Just not sure if adding an Allow from ::1 will help. From what I take it the default Apache2 doesn't listen to ipv6 connections at all.