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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote (last edit ): Re: [FFe] [24.04 FEAT] [SEC2339] HSM protected signing support for Apache httpd for openSSL 3.0 with PKCS #11 provider

> (I'm curious about the autopkgtest results.)

They passed for amd64 already:
Results: (from
  apache2 @ amd64:
    06.03.24 17:05:50 Log 🗒️ ✅ Triggers: apache2/2.4.58-1ubuntu4~ppa1


but failed for s390x all over the place:
  apache2 @ s390x:
    06.03.24 17:54:30 Log 🗒️ ❌ Triggers: apache2/2.4.58-1ubuntu4~ppa1
      1617s run-test-suite FAIL 🟥
      1617s duplicate-module-load FAIL 🟥
      1617s default-mods FAIL 🟥
      1617s htcacheclean FAIL 🟥
      1617s ssl-passphrase FAIL 🟥
      1617s check-http2 FAIL 🟥
      1617s check-ubuntu-branding FAIL 🟥
      1617s chroot FAIL 🟥


It's a dependency problem while installing packages. The archive is still in a lot of flux due to the time_t 64bit changes, which mean a lot of rebuilds. I'll retry later.