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Sistemi CeSIA (sistemicesia) wrote :

The linked bugzilla issue has 2 files attached with a complete and self-container example of the issue and fix, see

Posting the one showing the issue for posterity:

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1.3-labs
FROM ubuntu:22.04
RUN apt update && \
    apt install -y make autoconf libtool-bin gcc libaprutil1-dev subversion libpcre3-dev vim patch
RUN svn checkout httpd-2.4.x && \
    cd httpd-2.4.x/ && \
    svn co srclib/apr
RUN cd httpd-2.4.x/ && \
    ./buildconf && \
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/httpd-2.4.x && \
    make -j`nproc` && \
    make install
RUN /opt/httpd-2.4.x/bin/apachectl -t
COPY <<EOF /opt/httpd-2.4.x/conf/extra/httpd-hcheck-ajp.conf

LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_ajp_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_hcheck_module modules/

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin <email address hidden>
    DocumentRoot "/opt/httpd-2.4.x/docs/"
    ErrorLog "logs/"
    CustomLog "logs/" common

    <Proxy balancer://myapp>
        BalancerMember ajp:// route=app-route timeout=300 ping=3 connectiontimeout=3 hcmethod=CPING

    ProxyPass /myapp balancer://myapp stickysession=JSESSIONID

RUN echo 'Include conf/extra/httpd-hcheck-ajp.conf' >> /opt/httpd-2.4.x/conf/httpd.conf
RUN /opt/httpd-2.4.x/bin/apachectl -t

I can post here a modified version using ubuntu's packages instead of compiling apache2 from source if needed.