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Lena Voytek (lvoytek) wrote : Re: package apache2 2.4.52-1ubuntu4.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso instalado paquete apache2 script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1

Thank you for the bug report. From your logs I see:

info: Executing deferred 'a2enconf javascript-common' for package javascript-common
ERROR: Conf javascript-common does not exist!

It seems that javascript-common may be a new dependency of some plugin for apache2, and since its not installed an error is reported. I was unable to reproduce the error with the default setup of apache2. Are there any additional modules or configuration modifications you use that may cause this?

In the meantime you may be able to fix this issue by installing javascript-common:

sudo apt install javascript-common