Activity log for bug #1986959

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2022-08-18 14:08:38 Miguel De Leon bug added bug
2022-08-18 14:10:06 Apport retracing service tags amd64 apport-package jammy need-duplicate-check amd64 apport-package jammy
2022-08-18 14:10:07 Apport retracing service bug added subscriber Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages
2022-08-19 16:46:55 Launchpad Janitor apache2 (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2022-08-19 17:08:29 Lena Voytek summary package apache2 2.4.52-1ubuntu4.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso instalado paquete apache2 script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1 apache2 fails during upgrade to 22.04: ERROR: Conf javascript-common does not exist
2022-08-22 16:52:35 Lena Voytek tags amd64 apport-package jammy amd64 apport-package jammy server-triage-discuss
2022-08-22 16:54:38 Lena Voytek bug added subscriber Lena Voytek
2022-08-24 15:07:14 Robie Basak tags amd64 apport-package jammy server-triage-discuss amd64 apport-package jammy server-todo
2022-08-24 15:07:36 Robie Basak apache2 (Ubuntu): assignee Lena Voytek (lvoytek)
2023-03-01 17:31:56 Bryce Harrington bug added subscriber Ubuntu Server
2023-04-26 16:57:30 Andreas Hasenack apache2 (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Incomplete
2023-05-10 15:05:42 Christian Ehrhardt  tags amd64 apport-package jammy server-todo amd64 apport-package jammy