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> (In reply to Jim Jagielski from comment #22)
> > Of course exposing resources unintentionally is EVIL. That is why when there
> > is the possibility, it is logged so allow the admin, who is the final
> > arbitrator, to determine if they are exposed or not.
> Unfortunately, the log is only advisory. httpd continues to start up in what
> I would describe generously as a "degraded" condition... one where a
> (likely) larger URL space will be proxied than initially intended.

I would completely agree if this would be the case, but it isn't. The error messages tells you that the worker name was truncated. This is unrelated to the request URL that is forwarded. The truncated worker name only means that if you have multiple ProxyPass directives and if the truncation of the worker name leads to the same worker name they use the same connection pool for the backend connections. This is no issue at all, contrawise: It saves resources on the backend.