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Lucas Kanashiro (lucaskanashiro) wrote :

Thanks for taking the time to file this bug and trying to make Ubuntu better.

From the logs the only thing that I got was:

Configurando apache2 (2.4.46-4ubuntu1.3) ...
info: Executing deferred 'a2enconf javascript-common' for package javascript-common
ERROR: Conf javascript-common does not exist!
dpkg: erro ao processar o pacote apache2 (--configure):
 o subprocesso instalado, do pacote apache2, o script post-installation retornou erro do status de saída 1

It seems to be trying to enable a configuration for javascript-common but the file does not exist. Checking the bug description generated by apport, looks like to me that you deleted a bunch of configuration files, and that might be interfering in the upgrade process. I do not know which kind of environment you are facing this issue but could you try to remove and install apache2 again?

Since there is not enough information in your report to begin triage or to
differentiate between a local configuration problem and a bug in Ubuntu, I
am marking this bug as "Incomplete". We would be grateful if you would:
provide a more complete description of the problem, explain why you
believe this is a bug in Ubuntu rather than a problem specific to your
system, and then change the bug status back to "New".

For local configuration issues, you can find assistance here: