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Michał Małoszewski (michal-maloszewski99) wrote :

Sure, that's true. First I wanted to reproduce it in the simplest way as the bug did not mention explicitly how the directory behaves after deletion, but after I wrote comment #13, I realised that it was not removed from the disk by doing: ls -li /path. Later, I saw your comment, and then I was sure it was a good way of thinking.

I tested it through releases, and Mantic, Lunar, Jammy and Focal are affected by that issue.

My next steps are:
1. Prepare patches for upstream as per comment#7 and test patches using the test case that I created. Then submit and discuss upstream.
2. Then I will take care of Debian and Ubuntu.

P.S. Btw, thank you Adam for being a really helpful and responsive bug reporter. I appreciate it.