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Riho Kalbus (rihokalbus) wrote :

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, after update from apache 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.11 to apache 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.12 authentication with client certificate stopped working. No certificate is requested from client browser and apahce log has error:

[Tue Mar 03 16:03:34.964389 2020] [ssl:debug] [pid 12384:tid 139853354215168] ssl_engine_kernel.c(2217): AH02041: Protocol: TLSv1.3, Cipher: TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (256/256 bits)
[Tue Mar 03 16:03:36.499614 2020] [ssl:debug] [pid 12383:tid 139853481088768] ssl_engine_io.c(1106): AH02001: Connection closed to child 1 with standard shutdown
[Tue Mar 03 16:03:37.714744 2020] [ssl:debug] [pid 12384:tid 139853481088768] ssl_engine_kernel.c(383): AH02034: Initial (No.1) HTTPS request received for child 65 (server, referer:
[Tue Mar 03 16:03:37.714941 2020] [ssl:error] [pid 12384:tid 139853481088768] AH: verify client post handshake, referer:

A temporary workaround is to disable the whole TLSv1.3 protocol in the vhost configuration.