Comment 12 for bug 1850933

Hmm [1][2] which I'd consider to be needed here leave me somewhat confused.
I'm leaving my comfort zone here, IIRC breaks should always be versioned and versioning the dependency here makes no sense.
OTOH a deconfigure would be enough so conflicts seems kind of hard for this.
And finally both provide virtual "libapache2-mod-php" which would again be more like "Conflicts"

For a trial run before discussing with more people I gave it a try with the harder style (Conflicts) to see if it would enforce ordering correctly.

PPA [3] holds a test build with conflicts, once built later on I'll give it a test if it works.
If it does I'd want to discuss it with the Team if I'm overlooking something and maybe pass it to Bryce for coordinating PHP uploads and considerations for PHP in general.

MP [4] holds the changes I have pushed to that PPA so that we can discuss about it.