Comment 20 for bug 1842701

Horst Platz (hp-localhorst) wrote :

sorry i can't use your PPAs in the production. for a quick test i used my patched compiled module where only one line is changing from the patch i discribed above

:$ diff mod_proxy_balancer.c_org mod_proxy_balancer.c
< && (!ref || !safe_referer(r, ref))) {
> && (ref && !safe_referer(r, ref))) {

updated on of my production machine with the apache packages 2.4.29-1ubuntu4.10 and copy that module. lynx ist start working but the initial problem from outside over the bastian host proxy is not solved.

i will try to create a more better test env to use your ppas behinde a proxy but i'am sorry this needs a while.

thx for all your work, horst