Comment 3 for bug 1675184

Stephan (world-wide) wrote :

Hello Nish,

please find some additional details below.

I don't use mod_include and don't plan to. I simply want to have the mime types from mime.conf.

If I would load mod_include then there would be no error reported. shtml would still require to have the Includes set in the options, but this is a different topic.

Here the problem is that an OutputFilter is added which is not available in Apache, thus producing an error in the log. This would happen even if the file does not exist like trying to load

mime.conf should only add OutputFilter for modules actually available. So adding the IfModule as stated above ensures this dependency.

I agree that this might be something needed to be fixed upstream. I indicated this in the initial report. Unfortunately I am not that experienced on how to best report this (either with Debian or with Apache). So it would be great if someone more familiar with the process involved could do this. I didn't find any Debian bug report mentioning mime.conf and AddOutputFilter.