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Christophe Meron (chris+launchpad-ielf) wrote :

Hi Brian,

The crash doesn't occur with your PPA packages (2.4.7-1ubuntu4.19)
To be more precise: it systematically crash on 1 run of the reproducer without your PPA, and i dont have crash with 10 runs of the reproducer on your PPA. I didnt test further but it sound reasonable to me so far.

Concerning the configuration, no there's nothing specific, basically just enabling PHP5

You can examine files in apache-1630413-docker.tgz without running it. Especially php5-fpm.conf and the Dockerfile itself, its straightforward.

And thoses changes are the only changes i made to the base trusty to reproduce.

As said before, i did thoses steps manually on a new trusty VM and i could also reproduce it