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Christophe Meron (chris+launchpad-ielf) wrote :

I would have wanted to provide the full chain of the reproducer, but days has already passed, here is the information i can provide for now:

I reproduce the crash with a simple:
rm failed; for i in $(seq 200); do (curl -qo /dev/null "$URL" || touch failed) & done

A single run usually is enough, rarely two. In addition to the curl failure and 'failed' file, there's a error line in Apache's error.log

I used the attached script for the consistency checks, tried with and without the sleep.

I run all of thoses with our closed source daemon as the backend behind fastcgi with the following directive parameters:
FastCgiExternalServer /var/www/proxy -host -flush -idle-timeout 300

So you should be able to reproduce if you have some kind of stub behind fastcgi, which you maybe already have ?