Comment 2 for bug 1566519

Stefan Fritsch (sf-sfritsch) wrote :

From looking at the patch, I have a few comments/questions:

- Don't you have to name the service exactly like the init script, apache-htcacheclean, to make sure it overrides the init script?

- You should depend on . Apache may not start if some IPs are not yet configured.

- I would not recommend graceful stop as default stop action. We had that in the init script for a while and it didn't work too well. From the changelog:

    Make the init script use normal 'stop' instead of 'graceful-stop' again:
    With graceful-stop, it can take a long time until all child processes have
    closed their listening sockets and there is no way for the init script to
    know when it is save to start apache again. This could make the restart of
    apache fail.

- You don't seem to support multiple instances, yet. Why do you call the service apache2@.service, then?

But I haven't tested it, yet.