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Evgeny Anisiforov (jeff-h670zbtsl) wrote :

Unfortunately i do not get any PID with this method. The other end of the connection is simply "-", not associated with any apache2 process:

root@ubuntu:/home/jeff# netstat -tnp |grep curl
tcp 0 161 ESTABLISHED 347/curl
root@ubuntu:/home/jeff# netstat -tnp | grep 33399
tcp 0 0 SYN_RECV -
tcp 0 161 ESTABLISHED 347/curl

I have tried capturing the http traffic to get some insight: tcpdump -p -s0 -w dump.cap -i lo port 80
This is the dump of the last curl request. Wireshark shows me multiple tcp retransmits, but no reply from the server. So it may be something on the tcp level, that is going wrong. Could someone with a deeper understanding of tcp take a look on the dump?

If someone is interested, i can provide a downloadable virtual appliance running ubuntu 12.04 with the reported bug (.OVF) from my virtualbox for debugging purposes.