Comment 3 for bug 1322121

Selene ToyKeeper (toykeeper) wrote :

Yes, it's a regression. I recall it working in the past, and the person who reported it to me (sorry, I didn't catch his name... deiku?) showed me his photo log and that it apparently broke around the beginning of May or end of April. I think he actually saw it break during April, start working again, then break again on May 1st or so.

However, it was broken in at least the past two promoted images (u44 and u28, I think).

It looks like it might be a timing bug. It turns on the light, turns off the light, exposes the image, turns on the light, then turns off the light again. Blink-snap-blink, and the photo ends up with brightness adjusted way down for flash but without the flash actually on during exposure.

We've added this to the manual test plan, in case there are future issues.