Comment 6 for bug 352814

Annabelle Van Gelder (waxje) wrote :

for the people who like to work with windows alike messengers, there is still emesene. or kmess as a temporary solution.

I tried installing amsn trough there autopackage to see if it also gives problems. It does, i got an error telling me tkcximage failed. After some research i found out this error happens when different versions of tcl are installed (8.4 and 8.5 in my case).
I deleted amsn-data and reinstalled amsn(tcl8.5) trough autopackage(did not touch tcl) and amsn installed but the problem remains. Not able to connect.

Nex thing i tried was installing amsn(tcl8.4 version) witch gave me a tk error, so i had to install tk8.4
it downloaded x86 version of msn protocol(amsn asks when starting up) and i am able to get online :D

i'm going to try install tk 8.5 and then install trough autopackage to see if it also works.